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Bath Taps to Shower Conversion
bath-tapsWe all know the traditional way of filling a bath or running water into a sink involves two taps. One is normally connected to the hot water supply and the other to the cold water supply.

EcoCore Plumbing recommends the switch of the traditional two taps to using a mixer tap. The benefit of this is that it will allow you to still draw from the hot and cold sources, but these are now combined into a single flow; making the water temperature easier to control, economical and convenient.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of plumbing technology and providing the best options for our clients. We will ensure you are given an overview of all options available to you, to not only be economical but aesthetically pleasing!

Here are five more benefits mixer taps can bring to your bathroom:

Style Meets Cape Town Plumbing
There are a wide range of mixer tap styles available to suit every style and preference. Many people prefer the sleek and streamlined look of a mixer tap, to that of separate hot and cold taps.

There are sharp, contemporary lines, or curved with classical arch shapes and handles can vary from traditional rotating to levers that are lifted up and down to control the flow.

Versatility in Cape Town Plumbers
You have many options when it comes to choosing your mixer taps. They can work well in baths or basins and sinks. You could even mix or match!

Mixer taps can be even more versatile if you add a shower mixer, which allows you to switch between flow from taps and shower attachments. These can be hand-held or mounted to make a shower bath. This is particularly useful where there isn’t much room for separate bath and shower enclosure.

Being in Control
Having mixer taps gives you more control. You control the temperature of the hot water and you can set it as it flows from the taps. This makes it easier when you are running a bath, washing or shaving.

mixer-on-bathHaving mixer taps also adds convenience when it comes to running a bath because, using two taps usually means one tap is opened more fully than the other. This means that it can be difficult to get the mix right and you have to either stand guard or keep checking the temperature.

There is also a safety hazard; particularly if you have children, as it can lead to potential scalding if the water is too hot. Mixer taps prevent this, as you can set the ideal temperature and be safe in the knowledge that no one will be burnt.

Just don’t forget about it entirely, otherwise you could end up with a flooded bathroom on your hands!

Installing a mixer tap will reduce your energy bills and the impact on the environment. EcoCore Plumbing can provide you with the best mixer tap options for your plumbing needs. If you are unsure, get in touch with us and we can provide you with a quotation and a solution!

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