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Blocked Drains
Having blocked plumbing in your home or office, not only causes potential flooding but also has an environmental impact. Rancid aromas and hygiene issues are often a result of these unfortunate episodes.

Help is at hand if you experience any of these issues. EcoCore Plumbing has many years’ experience in Cape Town and surrounding areas in the art of unblocking drains, toilets, sinks and sewers.

Our blocked drain specialists will help you sort out these pesky issues, using a combination of high pressure water jets and special chemicals to clear all your blocked plumbing.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
If you live in Cape Town and surrounding areas you should take care when flushing or washing anything foreign down your sewerage system. However, even if you are careful, blockages do still occur and typical off-the-shelf products may not always solve the blockage.

At EcoCore Plumbing, we first diagnose and locate the blockage using professional methods. We will then clean and remove deposits that have built up in your pipes or water system.

Our plumbers are experienced in blocked drain plumbing and our fully mobile unit carries all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done safely and professionally.

We will not only provide the most convenient and cost-effective method of clearing the drain, sink pipes or toilet, we will also assist with an after-care service to help prevent future build up.

Problem Solved
EcoCore Plumbers services clients in all Cape Town and surrounding areas. We have the expertise to provide swift solutions to any blockages in sinks, exterior drains, toilets or sewers.

Our staff use several processes of drain cleaning; from high pressure water through to a combination and use of different chemicals. The method will depend on the severity of the blockage.

EcoCore Plumbers are confident we can fix your issue in no time – we encourage you to give us a call today for your free assessment, or to book an appointment.

Our services extend to any pipes, large or small, any type of drain be it commercial or residential. For any blocked drain problems don’t delay, call our blocked drain specialists today.

You can trust in our expertise to take care of it!