In honour of Women’s Day EcoCore Plumbing would like to share the story of our very own remarkable woman behind our every-day business.

Allison Stander was born into an interracial relationship in 1982, in a time when such relationships were illegal and unheard of.

Here’s Allison’s story:
IMG-20160807-WA0001“My mother was a 20-year old coloured woman and my father a 27-year old white male.

My father never lived with us, but visited often, sometimes stayed over for a day or two. I loved him dearly, I would often hide in his car when he was about to leave, hoping that I could leave with him.

In 1992 was his last visit. I remember it as though it was yesterday. Little did I know that I’d never see him again. There was no hint, no final goodbyes, no reason for leaving.

I was left wondering what I did wrong that he would leave me. Was I now too dark (as a baby I was fair and blonde), was I not cute anymore? Was it something that I did or said?

After he left, my mom and I battled financially. There were times that I only had two pairs of shoes, one pair for school and the other pair for church.

My mom, previously a stay at home mom, became a factory worker, in order to put food on the table. However, she continued to send me for schooling in the suburbs, even though she could barely afford it. I was often unappreciative of this, as my day had to start early and I would arrive home at 4pm, and then have to stay up late to finish my homework.

Now, as an adult, I see that value in the lessons that this tough life has taught me, as it has in many ways prepared me for the life I have today.

Being a full time employee, mother, wife and business owner, my week day starts at 5am and I often work until 12 the next morning. However, I know that nothing in life comes without hard work and dedication.

I’ve forgiven my father for leaving. I know now, having children of my own, that there’s nothing that a child can do that can make a parent leave. He left because of whatever situation he found himself in at that time. I appreciate his good qualities, of which I recognise many in my amazing husband.

I’m appreciative of the hardships that I’ve been through as a child; it’s made me push harder, instead of giving up in the early years when business was tough.

Statistically, children who grow up without fathers are less likely to succeed in life. I refuse to be a statistic. I am Allison. I am a strong woman who’s destined for success!”

We applaud all women around the world who have fought tirelessly for a better way of life for their families.

Happy #WomensDay2016.
EcoCore Plumbing team