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Preventing Leaky and Faulty Taps
EcoCore plumbing provides solutions to your leaks and faulty taps. We are based in Cape Town and offer services in all surrounding areas. We have helped clients from the far South to the Northern Suburbs in providing solutions to their leaking or faulty taps. There are many reasons for a tap to start leaking. Some are easily fixed yourself, but others you will need a plumber to assist.

If you are not sure, rather call in one of our professionals before trying to fix it. We specialise in the following:

  • Replacing worn washers
  • Fixing leaking taps due to new washers being replaced
  • Reseating; we use a specialised tool to re-cut a new surface to provide proper sealing
  • Taps which are constantly needing to be re-tightened (this usually means it needs a washer change)
  • Replacing taps where a complete replacement is needed if taps cannot be taken apart
  • Replacing valve seals
  • Pressure build up of water from a cold water tap fed straight from the main supply creates erosion in the brass seat allowing water to pass under the washer and through the tap – we will fix this.
  • Some modern taps with washers made of a soft rubber are easily damaged when force is used to open and shut.

There are a number of different tap designs and each one can have a slightly different reason for breaking. Contact EcoCore Plumbing to find out how we can assist you with your tap and washer replacements.

Replacing Leaking Taps:
Have you ever tried to concentrate or sleep when there is a tap leaking water and dripping? The constant sound is enough to drive someone insane! In some instances a tap repair can be rectified immediately by calling one of our 24 hour plumbers.

Replacing your taps will not only improve your home decor, but also stop the water dripping (and help you save water!). EcoCore Plumbing will come out to your home and assess the best option for your home or work. We are available 24 hours in all areas of Cape Town.