With the level three water restrictions now in place in the Cape area, we’ve had many enquiries for installing Grey Water systems, which is fantastic as it means that we are taking the issue very seriously.

But, installing a Grey Water System needs to be done professionally as there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration.

Here are some common mistakes when installing a Grey Water System:

Did you know that grey water becomes septic after a couple of warm days?

This means you need to ensure that your system is designed to use the water as it is produced, keeping it fresh and full of oxygen.  The system needs to be able to stop and start and it is best for the plants too.  Generally, grey water should not be stored for more than 24 hours.

Using conventional drip emitters

Even highly filtered greywater downstream of the best filter system has tiny organic solids that combine with the minerals found in the source water to create “scaling” on the inside of pipes and irrigation tubing. Those “scales” grow until they flake off over time and then flow downstream to clog all but large-orifice emitters. Ideally a pumps’ surging action should scour the insides of those pipes and tubes with its brief but high volume “dosing” of the irrigation valves, ridding the pipe and tubing system of any scales before they get too large to pass into the soil. [source: http://www.rainharvest.co.za/2015/03/top-3-diy-greywater-system-mistakes/]

Using a gravity-fed irrigation system

In a gravity-fed system, water flows to the lowest point and pools there. You can try to engineer the system and regulate the flow with hand valves, but unless you’re just irrigating a few trees or hedges or something else with a high degree of tolerance for error, you will be very disappointed with that type of “irrigation” pattern. [source: http://www.rainharvest.co.za/2015/03/top-3-diy-greywater-system-mistakes/]

Installing a grey water system may seem daunting at first, but if the above issues are taken into consideration, it can be a very simple process.

If you would like to install a grey water system but are not sure where to start, take a look at our blog here which gives you a basic outline of the factors to bear in mind.

How we can help

EcoCore Plumbing can help you with a free visit to assess your home and advise you on how to install the system. There are a number of options you can consider:

  1. Tank, Submersible pump (1.05kw), Nylon filter & housing, In – and Outlets from tank. This system is fully automated and adequate to divert grey water to your garden by means of two Gardena Sprayers. There is one filter which needs to be cleaned at least twice a week depending on usage.
  2. Tank, Nylon filter & housing, in-line filters, suction pipe, Well pump, Non-return valve, Float switch, In and Outlets from tank. This system can divert grey water to your garden by means of a manual irrigation system. This system is fully automated. There are two filters which need to be cleaned at least twice a week depending on usage.

Please note: Owner supervision is required when systems are installed. Installation costs depend on clients requirements as each property is different. Pumps have a 1 year guarantee.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact us for a quote.